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Official Nightverse Whitepaper - Last updated 1 Sep 2022

Everything about NightVerse.Game is a unique RPG Metaverse game with AR and 3D capabilities. It promises a revolutionary gaming experience - high-quality graphics, sustainable initiatives with faster speed, and lower costs compared to our competitors.

Based on AR technology and geographic location (LBS) with super interactivity, it will pioneer the use of location function, and map the data of the mobile phone accordingly to bring all the virtual worlds into the real world.

We also boast high-earning opportunities like Play-To-Earn and Play-To-Move. Furthermore, users can trade their valuable in-game digital assets - items and collectibles as NFTs in our marketplace. NVG is our game token.

In the NightVerse game, you can catch pets, make friends, and battle in the virtual world.

We will provide game players with exciting, life-like experiences, eye-catching graphics, and decentralized governance.

Game players can grab elves in various real-time scenes. Elves, props, and experience points obtained are valuable NFTs, and they can be traded in the NightVerse Marketplace.

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